Kaunas fortress guides courses
Post date: 2017-03-16

Kaunas fortress guide courses are dedicate for already working people or just planning to work but have practical experience and require training to present for tourists’ Kaunas fortress or separate objects.

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The aim of the courses – to prepare guides who could introduce for students and tourists groups Kaunas fortress heritage and can answer questions for interested people about Kaunas history.


Courses information for visitors


The course begins in November 7, 2016. (Courses organized once a year)


Duration of the course in November 7, 2016 until December 18, 2016. Courses are in Lithuanian language.


Lecture place – the public institution Kaunas fortress Regional Park Towers Academy premises, Mr Daukšos g. excursion take place in Kaunas city and its district. Tours take place on weekends according to a preliminary schedule.


First lecture in November 7, 2016, 18 h.


Courses price – 150 euros (including VAT). When courses completed, issued guide certificate.




Course participants – only pre-registered persons. Registration starting from October 21, until November 7, e. mail jolanta.skritulskaite@gmail.com need to send your CV (free form).

Information about courses tel. 8 614 95657


Course program:

I week: November 7, 2016 – November 13.


The theoretical part:

  • Introductory lecture (1 h.)
  • Kaunas fortifications evolution (2 h.)
  • Kaunas castle and town fortifications history and architecture (2 h.)

Practical part:

  • Tour of the medieval Kaunas fortifications (2 h.)


II week: November 14, 2016 – November 20.


The theoretical part:

  • Kaunas military fortress objects functions (2 h.)
  • Wars and their consequences for Kaunas city (2 h.)

Practical part:

  • Practical tour “Kaunas forts ring” (8 h.)


III week: November 21, 2016 – November 27.


The theoretical part:

  • Kaunas fortress objects today in Kaunas (2 h.)
  • The development in Kaunas city (2 h.)

Practical part:

  • Practical excursion in Kaunas fortress.


IV week: November 28 – December 4.


The theoretical part:

  • Tour scenarios and their implementation planning (1 hr.)

Practical part:

  • Visiting Ninth Fort museum, meeting with tour guides (2 h.)


V week: December 5 – December 18.


The theoretical part:

  • Consultations on the thesis

Final work:

  • Conducting tours of Kaunas.


VI week: December 12 – December 18.

Course closure and guide courses completion certificate hand.

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