Post date: 2012-11-30

The AT FORT project “Atelier European Fortresses – Powering Local Sustainable Development” is a Regional Initiative Project under the INTERREG IVC programme. The New Dutch Waterline, (The Netherlands), is the lead partner of the AT FORT project. The AT FORT partnership brings together representatives of eleven important European fortified heritage sites who share the firm belief that preservation of these sites, coupled with their economic exploitation, can only be achieved by creative, cooperative thinking, building on an exchange of experiences. On 22 May 2012 the AT FORT partnership Agreement was signed by eight representatives of the eleven “AT FORT partners.

Peter Ros, project manager of the AT FORT project: “We initiated this project because we need in-depth and intensive cooperation to tackle the issues fortified heritage sites have to deal with. We invited the top ten organisations dealing with fortified heritage sites within the EU. I hope and expect this project will be a success.”

The three main themes of the AT FORT project are:
- Multifunctional use
– Enabling conditions
– Governance models

The partners met for the first time at the strategic preparatory meeting in Italy, Mestre/Venice (16-17. April 2012.) They visited Fort Marghera, Fort Carpenedo and the Maximillian Tower, San Remo (introduced by Mr. Daniele Sferra, Marco Polo System g.e.i.e.). These fortresses showed examples of multifunctional use, enabling conditions and governance models.

During the launch event in the Netherlands, Utrecht (21-23 May 2012) the project partners visited several examples of multifunctional use (Fort Werk IV, Fort de Klop, Fort Blauwkapel), enabling conditions (restoration techniques at Fort Asperen, problems with vegetation presented by Caros Scheltema) and governance models (Werk aan het Spoel by Sander Booms, Fortresses of Utrecht city, Anton van Emst). On the first day of the event the project logo and website were officially shared with all the partners. Please see the website for detailed project information.


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